Calgary, Alberta

SOOP Foothills Mennonite Church Guest House

-- Calgary, Alberta

Flexible term
Ages 25+



The Foothills Mennonite Church (FMC) Guest House is a ministry of FMC in Calgary, serving people coming into the city to be close to loved ones in the hospital or requiring short-term medical care i.e tests, etc. The main volunteer opportunity is to be the Guest House host. Hosts welcome and orient guests to the Guest House, keep the house clean and welcoming for guests, and spend time visiting with guests. On average, this requires 20-30 hrs a week for maintaining the house in addition to time spent with the guests. A 3 month term is the preferred but this is negotiable. Calgary is close to Banff and the mountains, so those enjoying hiking, etc., should bring suitable clothing. Lodging: There is no cost to the host. Funds are provided for food and cell phone. A private living space (bedroom, sitting room & washroom) is provided for the host. Kitchen, living room and dining room are shared with guests.



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