Tucson, Arizona

SOOP Tucson

-- Tucson, Arizona

Flexible term
Ages 25+



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Tucson is a beautiful desert location with plenty of attractions and amenities. SOOP volunteers are included and welcomed by Shalom Mennonite Fellowship and have a wide variety of service opportunities to choose from, including: food banks, soup kitchens, home repairs, thrift stores, and Habitat for Humanity. SOOPers should be self-starters and need to have their own transportation since the volunteer sites are spread throughout the city. Two week involvement is the minimum. A term of four weeks is workable, but eight to twelve weeks is preferable. Longer terms benefit the placements and community building with SOOP participants. Weekly events for SOOPers include Sunday morning church, Sunday evening social time, Thursday evening Bible Study led by SOOP volunteers, and eating out together at a local restaurant on Sunday noon. 

RV sites at the church are available for $125 per month but must be scheduled in advance. Preference is given to returning SOOPers. Otherwise, volunteers may make their own arrangements. All lodging and meals are at the volunteer's own expense.



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