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SOOP Ten Thousand Villages (Brownstown, Pennsylvania)

-- Brownstown, Pennsylvania

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Volunteers assist at the Ten Thousand Villages shipping and receiving warehouse located in Brownstown, a short drive from the home office in Akron. At the warehouse, volunteers in the short-term program unpack products, pull orders for packing, pack orders for shipment, and/or process items that have been returned. It is physical work and requires the ability to stand and/or walk all day as well as do some bending and lifting. Those who volunteer for fewer than eight weeks assist in the processing room by opening boxes, counting items, checking for damage and preparing items for inventory. This work also involves standing/walking throughout the time of service, with possibly some bending and lifting as well. Up to a 40-hour work week is expected. Lodging: Small apartments; rooms available at our MCC Akron site. For a commitment of 8 weeks or more, volunteers may receive a stipend for meals.



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