Pike County, Kentucky

MCC Appalachia Build

-- Pike County, Kentucky

Flexible term
Ages 25+





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Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Appalachia Build (formerly SWAP) is a home repair program that harnesses the collective efforts of volunteers to address sub-standard housing in Appalachian communities in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia.

Current focus lies in McDowell County, West Virginia, and Pike County, Kentucky, where the need for assistance is most urgent. 

 If you are ready for a meaningful, flexible, short-term service opportunity amidst the splendor of Appalachia, join us in making a tangible difference in the lives of those who call this land home.

They are looking for carpenters, cooks, site coordinators and persons to lead evening sessions. Volunteers may also serve at a local food pantry and clothing bank, sorting clothes and distributing food. 

MCC owns and uses properties in Eastern Kentucky that are in need of maintenance. Assistance with the maintenance allows MCC workers to focus more time on program work. This maintenance includes mowing, minor building repairs and painting. If there are other skills that volunteers bring - MCC Appalachia will look within the community to match interests with the needs (i.e., education, reading, crafting, etc.). 


Harlan, Kentucky - there is a one bedroom apartment in Harlan and staff quarters at the camp. 

Hindman, Kentucky - there is three-bedroom apartment at the Hindman United Methodist Church.

Kimball, West Virginia - there are staff quarters at the Houston United Methodist Church. 



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