Akron, Pennsylvania

SOOP Mennonite Central Committee

-- Akron, Pennsylvania

Flexible term
Ages 25+



MCC is seeking volunteers for: maintenance repairs, painting, housekeeping, meal preparation and cleanup, and work sorting and scanning historical documents. The Material Resource Center (MRC) also needs help to sort, pack and recycle at the MCC Material Resource Center in Ephrata PA, 3 miles from the Akron office. Help is also needed at the quilt room in the Material Resource Center. No quilting skills required but must have a working knowledge of fabrics, basic sewing skills and skills at using a sewing machine. Housing provided at no charge within walking distance of the MCC Akron office. MCC guest housing or apartments have a private bedroom and bath, shared living room and kitchen. SOOP volunteers may eat meals without charge in the Dining Hall whenever the Dining Hall is open (it is open on a sporadic schedule). When the Dining Hall is closed, volunteers are responsible for their own meals. Kitchens are available in guest housing or apartments where volunteers could prepare their own meals. Note that whenever a SOOPer is on Akron campus, they are assigned to one of our existing staff teams. They may work independently on specific tasks, but are always connected to a staff person who gives them directions.



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Frequently asked questions about SOOPhttps://www.mennonitemission.net/info1/Frequently asked questions about SOOPFrequently asked questions about SOOP

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