La Casa Grande -- Allada

2 weeks
Ages 15-22
Youth Venture


Dates: July 8-21, 2024

Cost: $ 2,700, plus travel to departure city

Application deadline: April 15

Blog: 2023 Youth Venture Benin blog

Located in French-speaking West Africa, the city of Allada is home to La Casa Grande Benin, a Christian ministry for children who need food, shelter and a family. 

This Youth Venture team will have the opportunity to become a part of this family participating in vibrant worship, dancing, teaching English, sports and art projects with children and staff.

Participants will also visit cultural sites, like Ganvie on Lake Nokoué (a village built on stilts) and the Slave Road leading to the beach where prisoners were loaded as cargo onto ships headed for Europe and the Americas.

Cost covers travel in Benin, lodging, food and admission tickets.

Solidarity Scholarship Fund

The Solidarity Fund was created to equalize opportunities and remove financial barriers for individuals who identify as BIPOC (including anyone from Asian, Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, and other People of Color communities) and are interested in participating in Youth Venture or Just Peace Pilgrimages through Mennonite Mission Network.


  • Ages 15+
  • Identifies as BIPOC (including anyone from Asian, Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, and other People of Color communities)
  • Identifies finances as a potential barrier to participating


  • Applicants can request consideration for these funds at the time of application and during the application interview.
  • Announcement of disbursement of funds will vary based on start dates of programs.
  • Fund amounts will be proportional to the total amount needed. Proportions will be determined based on the amount available in the fund’s budgeted amount and number of applicants.
  • The Solidarity Fund will be divided between those requesting funds directly in proportion to the amount needed to support service. Total annual designations will not exceed MMN budgeted amount in the fund.
  • The amount given is for one designated service assignment. Recipients can reapply for subsequent assignments, but the scholarship is not automatically available for more than one assignment.
  • Scholarships granted will not be given directly to recipients but will be used to pay for expenses related to the service assignment such as travel costs, local expenses, etc.
  • This information will be shared publicly through fliers, social media, website, etc.
  • Note – any funds distributed to MC USA and MMN related parties will have taxable implications.

Please see the Youth Venture registration form to be considered. 

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