Japan 2019

-- Japan

2- to 3-week term
Ages 15–22
Youth Venture



Applications are closed for the 2019 season.
Check back in the fall for the 2020 line up.

June 11–29, 2019 (Exact dates are subject to change)

Ages 15–22

Team size: 7 participants

Service/learning components

Menno Village, a small hillside farm on the northern island of Hokkaido, is an agricultural initiative of Mennonite churches near Sapporo that emphasizes sustainable agriculture and creation care. Your team will join in the day to day work of this sustainable farming community

In addition to providing food to their neighbors in a format known as "community supported agriculture," Menno Village has the goal of becoming a culture of caring. Such an intentional community works at issues of economics and technology based on the "living word" that comes with Christian faith, challenging idolatry, empowering people, and loving humanity. Residents participate in the simple yet demanding task of growing food for the sake of understanding the work it takes to keep humanity alive, so they can speak good news and challenge those ideas and systems that exploit people and exploit the land.

Learn more about Menno Village at: Growing Relationships Between Urban and Rural Communities.

Language and culture in Japan is a major challenge for visitors.  In many ways it appears like the United States, but it is very different.  Expect to be challenged in new and exciting ways!

Housing facilities
Participants will be housed at Menno Village
Travel to location
You will meet your team for orientation in a major U.S. city (yet to be determined). You will need to make your own travel arrangements to the departure city. Details will be forthcoming. Youth Venture will make your travel arrangements from the United States to Japan.
If you do not have a passport, you can download an application at www.travel.state.gov/passport/forms.html. Please allow ample time for passport processing. 
Financial contributions
Youth Venture is asking each participant to raise $2,600 USD to help cover team expenses. This amount covers the cost of orientation, travel to the assignment, in-country travel, lodging and food. Participants will need additional funds to cover their health insurance, immunizations, passport, and travel to orientation. Expected contribution is subject to change in the event of significant airline price increases. All gifts are non-refundable and will be used to fund the Youth Venture team ministry in Japan regardless of individual fundraising goals.



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