, Southern U.S.

Civil Rights learning tour 2021

-- , Southern U.S.

10 days
Ages 15–22
Youth Venture



Any updates or changes will be communicated as early as possible in 2021 as we know more about the unfolding nature of the pandemic. Virtual options for some teams may become available if travel is prohibitive.

Civil Rights learning tour

July 16-24, 2021

Exploring Civil Rights yesterday and today in the South—On this tour, you will learn about the tragedies and triumphs that occurred during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s as our nation awakened to the reality of racial injustice. You will visit places of historical significance, hear stories and learn why our faith calls us to stand against injustice and with the oppressed. 

Your team will likely gather in the Elkhart, IN on July 16 and return July 24. Possible places you will visit during the week are:

  • Civil Rights Museum/Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN
  • Worship with Open Door Mennonite Church in Jackson, MS
  • Visit Selma, AL and walk across the Edmund Pettis Bridge
  • In Montgomery, AL visit the Legacy Museum and National Memorial
  • Visit Woolworth on 5th (lunch counter sit-in) in Nashville, TN

Although this trip will occur in the southern U.S., we hope you will use what you learned to help you explore what happened in your community during this earlier era and where injustice continues today.



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