Madison voluntary service/MadisonMadisonWisconsin<p>​<strong><span class="ms-rteForeColor-2" style="">The Madison unit is taking a sabbatical year until further notice.</span><br></strong></p><p><strong>Join a community</strong>. Madison’s MVS unit is centrally located within the city, and near many members of the church community. It is within walking distance from downtown. The many bike paths and two main bus routes provide easy transportation throughout the city.</p><p><strong>Join a congregation.</strong> Madison Mennonite Church is the supporting congregation for its MVS unit, and an easy eight-mile bike ride from the church. The congregation is actively involved in local peace and justice efforts, including ministries that help fight poverty, provide hospitality to prison visitors, and walk with families dealing with homelessness. On Sunday evenings at 6 p.m., the congregation of 100 gathers in a shared space with the Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ, and often shares a meal afterward. An active young adult group and interest-related groups are open to all.</p><p><strong>Join a cause.</strong> Madison’s many nonprofits work for a wide variety of causes. The Madison MVS committee is dedicated to helping participants find placements that use their gifts, to explore what it means to follow Christ within their career. Recent placements include IT work, wildlife preservation, renewable energy, food security, and national trails.</p>





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