Seattle voluntary service/SeattleSeattleWashington<p><strong>​Seattle is taking a sabbatical for the 2019 MVS term.  Check back in early 2020!</strong></p><p> </p><p><strong>Join a community.</strong> The Seattle MVS unit is in the heart of the city, known as Capitol Hill. The eclectic and diverse neighborhood is home to several universities, parks and museums. Coffee shops and bookstores are at every turn. Downtown and the larger metro area are easily accessed by bus, train and ferry.The unit house is an eight-bedroom house with a large backyard. Past MVSers have used the space for gardening, chickens, and outdoor games.</p><p><strong>Join a congregation. </strong>The Seattle MVS unit is supported by two congregations, Seattle Mennonite Church (SMC) and Evergreen Mennonite Church (EMC). Members of each congregation can be found volunteering in local service agencies and connected to larger Mennonite agencies.</p><p>SMC is a congregation of 125, located in the North Seattle neighborhood of Lake City. They are deeply involved with the homeless community in that neighborhood. The EMC congregation worships in the city of Kirkland. Many members have served with MCC and have participated in MVS. They strive to support one another in various ministries throughout the Seattle metropolitan area.</p><p><strong>Join a cause. </strong>Consistent with the heart of the churches that host them, MVS service placements include human services and environmental initiatives that focus on low income and marginalized persons. Join these organizations in everything from caring for trails to providing legal assistance to the marginalized. To learn more about the Seattle MVS unit, visit them on Facebook or their website!</p>





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