Albuquerque adventure/AlbuquerqueAlbuquerqueNew Mexico<p>​<strong>Unit</strong></p><p>Located in the shadow of the Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque is a city of 600,000. Although the Anszasi, ancestors of today's Pueblo Indians, settled the area nearly 1,000 years ago, Albuquerque was founded by Spanish and Mexican settlers in 1706 and absorbed into the United States in 1846. Mennonites have lived in the city since the 1940s. The unit is located on a residential street on the east side of town.</p><p><strong>Church</strong></p><p>Started in 1998, the Albuquerque Service Adventure unit is sponsored by Albuquerque Mennonite Church. An active congregation of around 85 members, AMC places high importance on mission and outreach in their community. Spiritual formation through pastoral care, Bible study, and Christian education are key elements that make AMC unique.</p><p><strong>Service</strong></p><p>The Albuquerque unit offers a unique array of service placements. Participants can work at Habitat for Humanity, with children and at-risk youth, at a community art center, at an urban farm, and with homeless people.</p>



Homeless Aide adventure/United States/150008/Homeless AideHomeless AideSt. Martin's Hospitality CenterAlbuquerque, New Mexico
Service Adventure Albuquerque Unit Leader adventure/United States/10/Service Adventure Albuquerque Unit LeaderService Adventure Albuquerque Unit LeaderAlbuquerque, New Mexico
East Central Ministries Assistant adventure/United States/528665/East Central Ministries AssistantEast Central Ministries AssistantEast Central MinistriesAlbuquerque, New Mexico
Mentorship Program Assistant adventure/United States/525947/Mentorship Program AssistantMentorship Program AssistantFirst Nations Community HealthsourceAlbuquerque, New Mexico
Habitat for Humanity Assistant adventure/United States/517810/Habitat for Humanity AssistantHabitat for Humanity AssistantHabitat for HumanityAlbuquerque, New Mexico
Escuela del Sol Teacher's Assistant adventure/United States/527848/Escuela del Sol Teacher's AssistantEscuela del Sol Teacher's AssistantEscuela del SolAlbuquerque, New Mexico
Art Program Assistant adventure/United States/528664/Art Program AssistantArt Program AssistantHarwood Art CenterAlbuquerque, New Mexico



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