Harrisonburg, Virginia

Angie Williams

Board member

Angie Bass Williams, daughter of a Methodist lay minister, is a wife, mother and grandmother, a retired Federal employee, and an ordained Mennonite minister. She preaches in various denominations, leads retreats, and is an occasional guest on Valley Family Forum’s television and radio programs.

Angie was advertising director and staff writer for Blessings magazine, and operated a home-based writing and editing business. She enjoys serving (pulpit or kitchen), writing poetry, hospitality, teaching Bible studies, and helping others to get their books published.

Angie attended Prince Georges Community College, and Eastern Mennonite College and Seminary part-time.

Her book, Jesus Wants Your Mind!, demonstrates how to allow God’s word to dominate our thinking, producing phenomenal results. Angie underwent breast cancer surgery and radiation treatments while writing Joy in Adversity. This account of God’s overcoming power in her life serves to encourage and build the faith of others who are walking through life’s trials. “You are a miracle in motion.” Having experienced many episodes of physical suffering and difficult times, such as the loss of three babies, Angie says, “We are what we are in adversity!” One of her favorite Scriptures is Philippians 4:6-7, which tells us not to worry, but to pray and thank God for the answers, resulting in God’s perfect peace.

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