Bloomington, Indiana

Rachel Gerber

Board member

Home: Bloomington, Indiana

Home Congregation: Mennonite Fellowship of Bloomington, Indiana

Occupation: Assistant Director of the Career Development Center at Indiana University

As an ordained minister, Rachel S. Gerber was previously the Mennonite Church USA denominational minister of Faith Formation and the editor/founder of The Gathering Place, an interactive website designed for resourcing, networking and equipping pastors and lay leaders. She sees herself as a life-long educator and enjoys teaching learners of all stages, having instructed students in classrooms from elementary school through college. Currently, she works for Indiana University as the assistant director of the Career Development Center. She loves counseling students, helping them discover who they are, what their gifts are and how they can use them in the world (a spiritual quest, indeed!). She also owns her own private career coaching business, Rachel Gerber Coachingthrough which she helps individuals find clarity in pursuit of meaningful work.  Rachel is also the author of Ordinary Miracles: Awakening to the Holy Work of Parenting (Herald Press), a spiritual memoir written for new parents about awakening to moments of grace in the everyday grit of life. She lives in Bloomington, Indiana, with her husband, Shawn, three young boys, four backyard chickens and a sweet little pup named Mae.

Master of Divinity, Eastern Mennonite University and Seminary

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Goshen College

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