Caitlin Lanctot

Divisional Coordinator for Advancement

Toll-free: 1-866-866-2872

Extension: 23072

(574) 523-3072

I began working at Mennonite Mission Network in May 2024, as the divisional coordinator for Advancement. I am a Goshen, Indiana, native and a Goshen College graduate. I'm an artist, who has been creating metalwork and enamel jewelry for over a decade. I have a background in art education, with experience teaching children various art mediums that are rooted in art history and contemporary art movements. I have also worked as an office manager and a receptionist in both church and school settings, and I have served on various church committees. These experiences have given me the opportunity to manage various projects, create designs for print and web media, and enrich my communication and writing skills.

I am married to Drew Lanctot, a teacher at Bethany Christian Schools, and I am the mother to three children, who attend Bethany. I enjoy spending time with my family, walks with my family, cuddles with my dog, thrift shopping, reading and creating art of all kinds.

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