Raleigh, North Carolina

Jason Boone

Minister of Peace and Justice

Toll-free: 1-866-866-2872

Extension: 23065


Jason Boone, a Raleigh, North Carolina resident with extensive experience in social justice ministries, nonprofit communication, and anti-poverty initiatives, leads the Peace and Justice Support Network as coordinating minister.

Boone, who works out of Raleigh Mennonite Church,encourages, supports and strengthens Jesus-centered peace and justice commitments and witness in congregations, area conferences, and across Mennonite Church USA. Boone's position is shared among Mennonite Church USA’s Executive Board, Mennonite Mission Network, and the Peace and Justice Support Network.

“To do the work of Jesus, we have to be connected to Jesus, allowing the Spirit to refresh, sustain and inspire us,” says Boone. He says that Jesus-centered faith communities and groups can be powerful agents of change in our neighborhoods and in our world.

“I believe strongly that peace and justice is not the calling for a few, but rather a lifestyle Jesus equipped everyone to participate in,” says Boone. Peacemaking, he says, happens at many levels, from the family to the international arena, and takes many forms.

Boone wants to engage all congregations and members of Mennonite Church USA in living out the gospel of peace. This happens, he says, “when we prayerfully seek where the Prince of Peace is at work and where the kingdom is starting to break through, and then use our talents and passions to join that work. We need ‘more workers for the harvest,’ no matter where the harvest may be.”

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