Raleigh, North Carolina

Mauricio Chenlo

Minister for Church Planting

Toll-free: 1-866-866-2872

Extension: 23027


Mauricio Chenlo engages conferences, churches, and church planters in thinking about our common sending call - to plant the seeds of God’s kingdom - in entrepreneurial and creative ways through the envisioning and launching of new imaginative missional communities.

Many young adults and former evangelicals seek the Anabaptist way of following Jesus, and are looking for an authentic model to initiate new communities that embody in humble ways the kingdom values. Chenlo also engages with nontraditional ethnic churches (e.g., Garifuna, Haitian, etc.) in providing coaching, networking, and systems interpretation.

He and his wife, Sara Padilla Chenlo, have three children: Cristina, 27; Andrés, 24; and Ariana, 21.

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