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Buffalo, New York

Zak Jantzi

Development Representative

Toll-free: 1-866-866-2872

Extension: 34400


I started my position at Mennonite Mission Network in late 2022. As a development representative, I have the opportunity to work alongside those who support Mission Network’s incredible mission. My role primarily involves building relationships with Mission Network’s outstanding support base, among other tasks relating to development. I am passionate about the Anabaptist faith context and am honored to work at Mission Network. 

I am a native to western New York, and my wife and I continue to live in the Buffalo, New York area. I grew up in a family auction business, where I learned the value of relationships and history from an early age. In spring 2022, I graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College, where I studied history and competed in cross country and track and field. My wife and I currently attend Clarence Center-Akron Mennonite Church in Akron, New York. Beyond my interests in history, my wife and I also continue to share a passion for running.  

I find it truly amazing how much Mennonite Mission Network can do both with international workers and those who serve in the United States. I find that missional work has universal importance in the Christian worldview, no matter the differences in faith context. In my work, I am excited to learn and build connections with individuals and churches in New York and its surrounding states, as I represent Mission Network! 

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