By Laurie Oswald Robinson
Wednesday, November 4, 2020

In lieu of face-to-face visits with supporters, Donor Relations representatives made personal phone calls and emailed prayers, said Karen Horsman, Mission Network's director of Donor Relations. 

In a blog post marking the U.S. National Day of Charity Sept. 5, Horsman wrote, "Our phone calls reached lonely people who were isolated from family and friends. They loved hearing from us, and our mutual relationships deepened. They ministered to us by letting us more deeply into their daily experiences." 

"Thankfulness abounded on both sides of those calls," she wrote. "Because we were in the middle of an ever-growing pandemic, the ordinary trials of life seemed to acquire a more poignant meaning. Illness, inability to hug a grandchild, a cancer diagnosis — all of these were freely shared with us."

One phone call especially touched her. "An elderly couple confessed a worry about not having enough food. They were isolated and did not have a way to access groceries in their area. … The Donor Relations representative alerted our Church Relations representative and together they connected with a church in the couple's area [that helped bring relief]."

Mission Network has also been blessed by the feedback thanking team members for their care. She wrote, "These donors probably do not realize what a blessing they have been to us. Their generosity is overflowing, and as a result, we have not experienced a disruption in financial support."  

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​Laurie Oswald Robinson is editor at Mennonite Mission Network.



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