By Karla Minter
Wednesday, March 3, 2021

I didn't realize I had floated into deeper water. Thinking I would walk back to shore, I let go of the inflated inner tube, sinking down until my feet felt the mucky bottom. Not knowing how to swim, I instinctively pushed upward toward sky and breath, raising my arms, sinking again. It was my mother who saw me from shore, walked into the waters and brought me to safety. My mother does not remember this story, but I will never forget. As pandemic waters overtake me, I will trust in God as a nurturing presence, bringing me safely to shore.

Now it's your turn! I invite you to fill your own "100 word" container. Unlike the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, your "100 words" will have a beginning, middle and ending. You can trust this space. It's yours and will hold all that you bring. Pour your disappointment, grief and losses, joys and sorrows, hopes and fears into this space. Rather than words, you may choose 100 musical notes, colors, dance steps, etc. Name what is threatening to overtake you or keeping your feet stuck in the muck. There is life and breath within reach – keep going – you've got this!

If you feel called to share your 100 words, share them on Facebook and tag @MennoniteMissionNet or send them to


​Karla Minter is a church relations representative for Mennonite Mission Network.



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