​Bible classes on beach in Ghana taught by professors from Good News Theological College and Seminary. The wome nreading the Bible is Prophetess Mary Mensah from The Living Church of God. Photo by James R. Krabill.

By Edward Dartey
Thursday, April 13, 2017

I want to share this message with friends here in Ghana and with those living afar, so that Christians everywhere re-dedicate themselves to Christian ministry. I address women especially and lift you up for your courage in serving the Lord. This year, I'm reflecting on the power of women in ministry as a way to rebuild Christ's church.

Here in Africa, in our homes, work places, and even in our churches, women are considered to be the lowest within the family cycle. They have no say in the decision-making process. They are encouraged to stay at home to work in the kitchen and on the farm, while males are sent to school to build themselves up with academic excellence.

Though I am not a theologian, the little that I have seen from the biblical perspective is that women made the most of the few chances they had, even in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, women contributed enormously to the Lord's ministry. But despite all this, they were left behind.

Are women weak and low in everything? No! I am very grateful to the courage that Mary Magdalene exhibited at the tomb after the resurrection. She put fear aside, gathered courage and went to the tomb. Jesus reveals himself to her. She was the first to carry the Good News to the other disciples, who stopped her because she was not considered worthy to hold to the word. What a discrimination!  They did not believe her.

But, where were the men whom Jesus spent time with? Some of them continued to deny Jesus' resurrection until he revealed himself. All these men were hiding. The courage of Mary to carry the word to the disciples was something we have to look at. Something we have to revisit and emulate. Timothy notices the essence and dignity of women to bring men closer to God. This is the power of women.

Having said this in this present age, it would be prudent to utilize this power of our dear women in our ministries, by giving them the maximum support in every aspect.

I commend the Mennonite Women and other groups of women for all their efforts to support mission work. They needed to be supported and encouraged to spread their wings in order to help others around the world.  Let's put women first so that they can exhibit their gifts and carry the church to the next level.







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