​Jackson, Mississippi 2017 Service Adventure unit (left to right) Amanda Geltmacher, Megan Campbell, Alena Walter and Isabella Bowman.

Interview with Megan Campbell



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​Susan: Hello, this is Susan Nisly and I am here with Megan Campbell who is a former Service Adventure unit leader from Jackson, Mississippi.

So, Megan I'm wondering if you could tell me about something that you learned during your experience with service Adventure.

Megan: Something I think that I learned over the year was what it means to honor others and what it means to honor Christ in your actions and words.  I think with every service year comes challenges and comes joys. And there are times where it's easy to know what to say and what to do and then there are times where you really need to learn to seek counsel and to pray and to be able to actually solve conflict and sit down with people - in love - and try and work towards something that is good for the whole community as a whole. 

And so I think I learned about myself and my housemates ways that perhaps in the past I was not as honoring as I could have been and ways that I can be exponentially more honoring towards others.

Nice.  Do you have any stories of like something that was either a highlight of your experience or something that brought you joy as a part of the service Adventure community?

One of our favorite weekends together we went to Pine Lake Fellowship Camp in Meridian, Mississippi, which is about an hour and a half east of Jackson. And just being out of the city was good and we went on walks and we did a lot of things outside and our German participant was super excited to be able to make stick bread with us.  

It was fun and it was silly it was just really good and we just literally sat by the fire for hours and then we realized that we could see the stars because you cannot see them in city.  So we just laid there and talked and hung out and got to  tell other people what Service Adventure was and what it was about and that was just a really big blessing of that whole weekend to spend with them.

I would say when I went to visit you guys there was lots of laughter and joy whether it was cooking together or going to Dairy Queen.  I will always think of that.  I attribute that to a leader setting a tone for that sort of thing.

It was a really good year.




​Megan served as a Service Adventure unit leader in Jackson, MS from 2017-2018. She is from Pennsburg, PA and is currently serving an interim youth pastor role at Perkiomenville Mennonite Church.



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