​Wesley Bisset Ncube. Photo provided.

By Wesley Bisset Ncube
Tuesday, July 9, 2019

“Tragedy… not the violence by the bad people but the silence by good people.”- Martin Luther King

Growing up and studying in the Brethren in Christ Church run Matopo Mission Schools where the values of faith, love, serving and peace were instilled, I found myself gravitating towards the less common issues in my country, such as peace building and intentional volunteerism. This also saw me losing a strong keen interest in sports where I excelled; meaning my mid-teen dreams of being a sportsperson or, at worst, a sports journalist, disappeared. I believe working for peace and development is not a job but an outright calling from God. My name is Wesley Bisset Ncube, I was born to a middle-class family in Zimbabwe’s second largest city called Bulawayo. My desire to serve saw me tailoring my tertiary studies to community development and peace issues as well as project monitoring and evaluation. I’ve worked with Scripture Union Zimbabwe and World Vision Zimbabwe. As I was finishing my studies, whilst working for MCC Zimbabwe’s partner agency: Brethren in Christ — Compassionate and Development Services (BIC-CDS), I applied for the MCC IVEP Program with the help of my local church: Entumbane Brethren in Christ Church.

I was placed at the Centre for Newcomers in Calgary, Canada, for a year. This opened my scope and vision for a peace-loving world. The IVEP experience remains an important turning point of my career and life. Serving immigrants from war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Iran and Ethiopia opened my eyes to what the state of the world is, and that it would take not the silence, but the actions of good people to heal our land. Joining a team of people who serve tirelessly for relief, development and peace in the name of Christ at MCC feels like joining a people who refuse to watch our beloved universe go extinct, a people who are ready to heed the call for peace. As the new interim SOOP and Summerbridge coordinator at MCC Canada, I desire to serve purposefully and tirelessly, to learn much and help the organization reach its desired goals. “Ngiyabonga” (Ndebele word for Thank You).   






​Wesley Bisset Ncube is the interim SOOP and Summerbridge coordinator with MCC Canada



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