​Elizabeth Eby and Celis Lee journal as part of their participation in the LA Peace camp, organized by Sue Park Hur. 

Elizabeth Eby
Friday, March 17, 2017

​During my Youth Venture experience, we worked at an organization called ReconciliAsian, a peace program for high-school age kids. They brought together high schoolers from different racial backgrounds and together we learned a little bit more about race. Our activities included games, speakers, and even a scavenger hunt around Los Angeles. I realized that just because I am White doesn't mean that I shouldn't be involved in our current discussions on race. In fact, everyone should be involved more. I may live in a place and attend a school where many people look like me, but that doesn't mean those of another race are strange. I love hearing differing perspectives and viewpoints. How else am I supposed to form my opinions? My initial reasoning for going on Youth Venture was to help other people, but this experience helped me instead. Because of my time in LA, I know that I want to work with issues concerning race in the future. I was able to make friends, experience a different place, learn, and just have fun. I would recommend Youth Venture to anyone and everyone who wants to go. It will always be a great memory for me, and I hope others in the future will experience the same.






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