Sunday, May 1, 2016

Opportunities are still open! Mennonite Voluntary Service is looking for talented passionate young adults for this next year, beginning in August. Applicants will have the opportunity to explore their vocation, grow in their faith, and live in community with peers.

Don't miss out; check out the positions and locations below and apply today.

Chicago, Illinois

Program Coordinator/Coach

Play an integral part and work alongside the Chicago Run staff to help with ongoing growth and development of its youth running programs in the Chicago Public Schools. The program coordinator/coach will work with school staff and students regarding daily program operations, and maintain routine communication with participating schools.

Youth Program Assistant

Work with youth ages 12-18 in an after-school extended learning program that focuses on science, technology, engineering and math, through the Erie Neighborhood House, to encourage youth to consider careers in these fields.


Alamosa, Colorado

Restorative Justice/Mediation Coordinator

This placement will include case intake and follow-up as well as co-mediation, outreach to referral agencies, and assistance with skill trainings for youth and adults for the Center for Restorative Programs in La Jara, Colorado.

Local Food Hub Associate

Valley Roots Food Hub is a start-up project looking for someone interested in food systems, sustainable agriculture, and community and economic development. Here you might get your hands dirty picking up, cleaning, packaging and delivering fresh foods around the region, or do administrative tasks related to managing the social enterprise and coordinating community gatherings, educational events, and work days.


Elkhart, Indiana

Community Bicycle Project

Work with community bicycle initiatives that give locals greater mobility and promotes healthier and environmentally friendlier ways of transportation. This person will service and repair bikes, teach others how to fix their own bikes, and work at promotions, communications, and administrative responsibilities.

Victim Offender Reconciliation Caseworker

Explore a vocation through VORP (Victim Offender Reconciliation Program) with the Center for Community Justice, where you can conduct intake interviews with offenders and victims and facilitate mediation.


Kansas City, Kansas

Community Orientation Assistant Coordinator

This opening involves working with newly-arrived refugee families as they adjust to life in a new country. The work involves classroom instruction, orientation to the city – such as public transportation demonstrations – and in-home visits.

Homeless Services Coordinator

Cross-Lines is looking for an individual who is passionate about working with individuals and families living in or with the threat of homelessness. This person will provide outreach through case management and social services. Additionally, this person will attend community initiatives to address homelessness on a broader level.


Madison, Wisconsin

Community Organizer

The Workers' Rights Center has an opportunity for a community organizer to work on outreach and communication in the faith and labor communities. The role can be tailored to the applicant for their success.

Food Pantry Coordinator

Use your people and organizational skills at The River Food Pantry. In this position you will keep the food pantry stocked and assist clients while they shop.


Manhattan, New York

Community Development Assistant

The Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center is seeking an individual to provide administrative support for their office of 24 attorneys and other professionals as they work to assist grassroots organizing groups in New York City.

Paralegal, Immigration Legal Services Program

Under the supervision of an attorney, this volunteer would provide direct legal service to recent immigrants and their families. This assignment also includes other administrative responsibilities and more depending on the applicant's skills.


Aibonito, Puerto Rico


Academia Menonita Betania is looking for people willing to teach in English. All subject areas are open from pre-kindergarten to grade 10.


San Francisco, California

Volunteer Coordinator

At Mission Graduates, volunteers play an important role by giving local students individualized academic attention. This position will work at recruiting, training, retaining, and recognizing new and current volunteers, as well as support the Community Engagement manager.

Hospitality Monitor/Outreach Assistant

The Gubbio Project, which provides day shelter for individuals facing homelessness, needs an individual to work in the shelter and office and out in the community. This position offers the possibility of engaging in a variety of interests of the applicant, such as homelessness, inner city poverty issues, social justice, radical inclusivity, ecumenicalism, community organizing, and/or nonprofit administration.


Seattle, Washington

Digital Media Intern

Crosscutt Public Media is looking for a tech savvy, passionate storyteller. This intern should be a self-starter and will have the opportunity to work directly with writers and editors to research and produce stories.

Elementary School Teaching Assistant

Leschi Elementary School serves a diverse group of students with Montessori materials, pedagogy, and philosophy. This opportunity will allow the applicant to interact with fourth and fifth graders as they study math and science, and learn firsthand instructional routines with the opportunity to implement them as well.


Tucson, Arizona

Medical Quality Improvement Program Associate

St. Elizabeth Health Center offers the opportunity to work with the medical director and other members of the leadership team on quality improvement initiatives. The applicant will focus on policy and procedure implementation as well as monitoring data and processes. 

Abundant Harvest Cooperative Specialist

Tucson Community Food Bank is in need of an individual who will work directly with low-income growers, Farmers Market customers, and community members with public assistance benefits.


Washington, D.C.

Development Officer

The Government Accountability Project needs a motivated and detail-oriented development officer to use their communication skills through outreach, writing and research. The applicant will learn the inner workings of what it takes to execute the fundraising responsibilities of a leading nonprofit organization.

Immigration Volunteer

International Rescue Committee is looking for an individual who can work in a culturally sensitive way, with strong attention to detail, willing to learn new skills, and excited to work with people from diverse backgrounds. This position entails administrative responsibilities such as documentation preparation and research, as well as client interfacing such as answering clients' questions and referring them to appropriate staff.



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Balancing student loan debt and serviceInfo student loan debt and serviceBalancing student loan debt and serviceGP0|#0cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155;L0|#00cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155|Info;GTSet|#544fcc8d-5de2-49c8-9d51-afee09323476
MVS awards 29 grand in student loan scholarships Financial faith awards 29 grand in student loan scholarshipsMVS awards 29 grand in student loan scholarships GP0|#0cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155;L0|#00cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155|Info;GTSet|#544fcc8d-5de2-49c8-9d51-afee09323476
A taste from inside the SOOP bowlInfo taste from inside the SOOP bowlA taste from inside the SOOP bowlGP0|#0cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155;L0|#00cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155|Info;GTSet|#544fcc8d-5de2-49c8-9d51-afee09323476Elkhart, Indiana
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It's not too late! Apply for MVS today!Info's not too late! Apply for MVS todayIt's not too late! Apply for MVS today!GP0|#0cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155;L0|#00cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155|Info;GTSet|#544fcc8d-5de2-49c8-9d51-afee09323476Elkhart, Indiana
Apply by April 1 for Youth Venture international tripsInfo by April 1 for Youth Venture international tripsApply by April 1 for Youth Venture international tripsGP0|#0cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155;L0|#00cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155|Info;GTSet|#544fcc8d-5de2-49c8-9d51-afee09323476India, Congo, Lithuania and Indonesia
Spring and Summer SOOPLet's go camping and Summer SOOPSpring and Summer SOOPGP0|#0cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155;L0|#00cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155|Info;GTSet|#544fcc8d-5de2-49c8-9d51-afee09323476Lincoln City, Oregon
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Try out Service Adventure for the weekendInfo out Service Adventure for the weekendTry out Service Adventure for the weekendGP0|#0cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155;L0|#00cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155|Info;GTSet|#544fcc8d-5de2-49c8-9d51-afee09323476Newton, Kansas
mvs testInfo testGP0|#0cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155;L0|#00cab7f8d-f1c4-4bb0-8086-4788fee8b155|Info;GTSet|#544fcc8d-5de2-49c8-9d51-afee09323476
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SOOP Volunteers VolunteersSOOP Volunteers
Balancing student loan debt and service student loan debt and serviceBalancing student loan debt and service
MVS awards 29 grand in student loan scholarships awards 29 grand in student loan scholarshipsMVS awards 29 grand in student loan scholarships
A taste from inside the SOOP bowl taste from inside the SOOP bowlA taste from inside the SOOP bowl
Learning to follow to followLearning to follow
The power of community power of communityThe power of community



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