Thursday, March 17, 2016

Location: the Philippines

Need: 4 students age 21+ to serve as a team in the Philippines

The Journey International team will gain cross-cultural experience and learn about the socio-economic context in the Manila area, be an active part of the growing Peace Church community, and contribute to the work of local NGOs in Manila.

The team will also seek to build relationships with the Integrated Mennonite Church, especially the youth, including travel to visit church communities and to take part in various events and conferences. For all service positions, the participant must be open and willing to learn from the local church and NGO's, have a desire to serve, and grow in intercultural ability. Learning the Tagalog language will be a priority.

1. Philippine Relief and Development Services, Inc., (PHILRADS)  serves as the relief and development arm of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, which is the largest network of evangelical churches and missions organizations in the country. PHILRADS seeks to disciple Filipino Christians, and thereby help establish a society where peace, justice and righteousness reign; where everyone has a decent standard of living; and where Christ is recognized as the Lord and Savior of all creation.

 Primary duties:

  • Communications Department: Will assist the Communications Officer in updating its website, write ministry updates, documents activities and narrative reports.
  • Field Operations: Will observe and help in the relief operations and be able to update the Operations Officer on the activity on the ground. Has the opportunity also to help in monitoring the Typhoon Haiyan rehabilitation and livelihood projects.


  • Bachelor's degree or in process
  • Competency in media and communication
  • Writing skills


2. Sulong CAHRHIRL Peacebuilding Intern

 Primary duties:

  • Assist Sulong CAHRHIRL ( with its various programs as related to the intern’s experience and interests.
  • Programs areas include training and education, monitoring and documentation, support for peace processes, networking for peace and human rights, or public consultations in conflict-affected communities.


  • Bachelor's degree or in process
  • Experience or basic knowledge of peace processes, community peacebuilding, advocacy, human rights and/or humanitarian law


3. Asian School of Development and Cross-cultural Studies (ASDECS) is an educational social enterprise that offers graduate degrees related to transformational development. One of its units – the Center for Transformational Development (CTD) – offers certificate programs for those who are more concerned with the practical applications of transformational development in their respective contexts. Its flagship certificate program – Certificate in Basic Community Transformation – has already graduated 3 sections of students since its initial offering in 2011. Currently, 4 sections are on-going in varying stages of the 6-module program.

 Primary Duties:

  • Develop and implement a research project that documents the impact of the certificate program.  This research project will allow us to validate and improve the current curriculum. 
  • Develop an AVP (audio visual program) of the research project to serve as a marketing tool for prospective students. 
  • Serve as training assistant in the conduct of the various modules.


  • Bachelor's degree or in process
  • Competency in Audio-visual production
  • Competency in research and writing


Location Factors:

• Your team will be mentored by Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers, Darnell and Christina Barkman

• The Philippines is hot year-round (about 86°F).

• You will need to be able to take public transportation.

• Health facilities are excellent.

• You will live in a large metropolis with all necessities available.

• Accommodations might be very simple, depending on the position, either with a host family or in a student dormitory.

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