​(Left to right) Interns and long-term volunteers Gina Anderson, Leah Kelly, Kaley Necessary, Matthew VonHerbulis, Justin Toles, and Hope Kirby along with SOOPer Elma Dyck, volunteered together at World Hunger Relief in Waco, Texas. Click on image for high resolution version.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Volunteers who served from February 01 - April 30, 2018:

El Dorado, AR

David and Fern Gerber 

Alton and Lois Longenecker 

Gerry and Jean Selzer 


Phoenix, AZ

Lois and Wilmer Alderfer

Ken and Nancy Beachy

Rachel and Robert Brenneman

James and Lila Gascho

Lola and Merrill Gingerich

Donald and Glenda Hartzler

Calvin and Shirley Hochstedler

Lila and Ronald King

Karen and Richard Kropf

Leon and Lynda Miller

Kenneth and Sheril Mullett

Larry and Shirley Oswald

Loren and Miriam Stauffer

Rick and Wanda Stauffer

Kathy Straub


Tucson, AZ

Edna and George Dyck

Lucio Gomez and Elizabeth Raid

Lorene and Walter Good

Randall and Shirlyn Graber

Douglas Graham and Theresa Klassen

Shirley and Vernon King

Gayle Gerber Koontz and Theodore Koontz

Catharine and Donald Lichti

Gwendolyn Murphy

Elinor and Ted Shattuck

Robert Walson


Reedley, CA

James and Linda Rufenacht


Washington, D.C.

Peter and Sheryl Dyck

James and Ruth Mellinger


Gotha, FL

Connie and Philip Bauman

Linda and Roger Clemmons

John and Kay Reimer


Americus, GA

Ernest and Lois Hess

Carl and Marcia Shantz


Atlanta, GA

Barbara and Byron Kauffman


Macon, MS

Kathleen and Keith Springer


Meridian, MS

Robert King


Bloomfield, NM

Kathy Falk

LeRoy and Sherry Mast

Ruth Stoltzfus


Carlsbad, NM

LeRoy and Sherry Mast


Akron, PA

Janice and Lynn Miller

Herbert and Sarah Myers


Aibonito, PR

Lester and Martha Guntz

Gwen and Timothy Hershberger

Dolores and Vern Jantzen

Alton and Lois Longenecker

Charles Regier

Mervin and Rose Stutzman


San Antonio, TX

Jeanne and Mark Birky


Waco, TX

John and Virginia Veeder



https://www.mennonitemission.net/info/SOOP Volunteers





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