Lucas Bullen-Bernstein, Gabe Eskin and MVS participant Dana Tolle.
Bethany Keener
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

BOULDER, Colo. (Mennonite Mission Network) – Boulder youths Lucas Bullen-Bernstein and Gabe Eskin and Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) participant Dana Tolle choose their bowling balls on an Out & About excursion. 

The after-school program is part of Imagine!, a Boulder non-profit program that serves more than 2,000 people of all ages who have developmental delays and cognitive disabilities.

Tolle said the program gives parents a break, and kids have the opportunity to enjoy activities they might not otherwise be able to participate in. They go swimming, horseback riding, cook, play music and visit local attractions.

“It amazes me to see what the kids can accomplish, especially if it is something that they were never “supposed” to be able to do,” Tolle said.

Dana Tolle is a member of Eden Mennonite Church, Moundridge, Kan. volunteers out and about





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