​(Left to right) Presillana Casillas, Rosa Quinones and Amado Delgado of Colorado Uplift served a day at MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity) in Pacoima, California, as part of DOOR Hollywood's Discover program. Photo by Matthew Schmitt. Click on image for full resolution version.

Contributed by DOOR Staff
Monday, May 16, 2016

Name Change- DOOR Hollywood to DOOR Los Angeles

DOOR Hollywood is in a process of changing its name to DOOR Los Angeles. DOOR has always worked in the greater LA area, and, especially the last four years, God has clearly been building the program toward increased intercultural ministry and reconciliation work. DOOR is still located in Hollywood, the storytelling heart of LA, but the name change to DOOR Los Angeles better reflects the program reach.



Leu is new DOOR Los Angeles city director.

DOOR is excited to welcome Elizabeth Leu as our new Los Angeles city director! Elizabeth is from Texas and moved to LA in 2010 to attend Fuller Seminary. She has a deep compassion and empathy for those experiencing injustice and oppression, having grown up as a minority woman in a broken family. Her faith and commitment to Christ empower her to seek reconciliation and life-changing transformative opportunities in the community by the power of the Holy Spirit. With experience in both business and ministry fields, she seeks to use her talent and gifts to serve God in this community. Previously, Elizabeth worked at three multicultural churches, and she continues to feel called to do racial reconciliation work. In addition to working with our Discover, Discern and Dwell programs, she is excited to partner with other churches and ministry networks. She believes Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and everyone should come to LA to experience the wonderful things God is doing here.  



Powell to conclude service with DOOR Atlanta.

A longtime DOOR staff member, Tonya Powell, has announced that she will conclude her service with DOOR in June 2016. In her four years with DOOR, Powell has served as DOOR Atlanta city director. As Atlanta city director, Powell oversaw the weeklong Discover program, hosting an average of 440 youth and college service participants per year. She also guided 17 young adults through the yearlong Dwell program, helping them discern God's call in their lives while engaging them in civil rights history and continuing systemic issues. Powell worked to increase the impact of the Discern program, predominantly hiring local young adults to serve as summer staff, to develop leadership and professional skills, to engage vocational discernment, and to build faith and spiritual practices. Powell worked with 30 young adults, primarily from the Atlanta area, helping them pursue school, employment, and leadership opportunities beyond DOOR. DOOR thanks Powell for her years of dedicated service, and wishes her well in her next ventures.





https://www.mennonitemission.net/news/Changes at DOOR in Los Angeles and Atlanta



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