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By Travis Duerksen
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

NEWTON, Kansas (Mennonite Mission Network) — In a normal year, youth groups from across the country would visit Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection (DOOR) Discovery sites in Atlanta, Chicago and Denver to engage in service and learning experiences.

In a normal year, these groups would spend a week building relationships and discussing how racism, implicit bias and policing influence the communities they are visiting.

In a normal year, the groups would return to their home communities, often unpacking and reexamining their DOOR Discover experiences over the following months during Sunday school or midweek church gatherings.

This year, of course, has been anything but normal.

In recognition of the general uncertainty surrounding young adult faith formation, DOOR  will host two youth leader check-ins on November 11 at 12pm CST and November 18 at 6pm CST. The free webinars will have open discussions on how church youth group leaders are adapting to the challenges of teaching young adults during a pandemic. The webinars will also suggest resources which DOOR can provide to educate and inspire. DOOR is a partner organization of Mennonite Mission Network.

While traditional travel became impossible earlier this year, DOOR thrived online, expanding its youth group programs through webinars, social media and virtual experiences. And as youth group leaders and pastors look ahead to service trip plans for an uncertain 2021 summer, DOOR Executive Director Andrea Sawyer-Kirksey is excited to share the organization's online expertise to foster ideas and support.

"[DOOR] wants to create a community, a space for those who are working with youth and young adults to just have conversation about what they need," said Sawyer-Kirksey. "How can DOOR meet those needs and talk about what the summer might hold? What are the roadblocks, and what are the opportunities?"

For more information, visit DOOR's website, and click the following links to register for the webinar check-ins: November 11 at 12pm CST and November 18 at 6pm CST.






​​​​Travis Duerksen is a writer and multimedia producer for Mennonite Mission Network.



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