Ryan Miller
Wednesday, April 26, 2006

BORABU, Thailand (Mennonite Mission Network) Dolores Logan examines a Buddhist monk during a medical clinic at Living Water Church in Borabu, Thailand. The monk, the uncle of a church member, was one of more than 425 people to receive medical attention. Organizers also offered a gospel presentation and showed the "Jesus" film.

Logan is part of a family of Canadian Mennonites who wanted to learn about mission. The Logans, members of Grace Mennonite Church, were friends of Pat and Rad Houmphan who needed a physician for the clinics held in 10 villages surrounding Borabu the two weeks before Easter.

A doctor in her hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, Logan checked eyes, ears and vital signs while answering questions and testing for diabetes and other conditions. Her husband, Murray, three of the Logans' five children, the Houmphans and other church leaders assisted.

The members of Grace Mennonite Church in Regina paid their own way as a way to connect with the Houmphans - mission workers with Mennonite Mission Network and Mennonite Church Canada Witness - as well as reach out to unbelievers. Pat Houmphan said their visit is a partnership that helped bring healing to the Isaan people.

"They say in seminary that more people go through the door of a hospital than through the door of a church," said Murray Logan, a jail chaplain who preached Easter Sunday at Living Water Church in Borabu. "We have a great love for the people here."

After Thailand, the Logans left to help Mission Network/Witness workers George and Tobia Veith and Tim and Cindy Buhler with a clinic in Macau. The Logans hope to continue to visit mission workers for their vacations, showing workers their support while learning about culture and helping others.



https://www.mennonitemission.net/news/Doctor's visit to mission couple, village clinics helps bring healing





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