Mennonite Mission Network staff members in the Newton, Kansas, offices in mid-June prepare for the Mission Network booth activities in Kansas City during MennoCon19. From left they are Ryan Goertzen-Regier, Travis Duerksen, Dwight Mueller and Kendra Neufeld Engle. Photo by Susan Nisly.

Zachary Headings
Thursday, June 27, 2019

​If you're headed to MennoCon19, don't miss the Mennonite Mission Network booth! Stop by between seminars for games, snacks, and other fun.



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​A main feature at our booth is an escape room where you and your friends can test your skills at finding solutions to puzzles involving Mission Network's global partners. You can jump in and try to solve the puzzle, but don't worry — you won't be locked in; and you can leave any time you want.

Other adventures that await you at the Mission Network booth are opportunities to tell your story, a silent art auction, and a place to recharge both you and your phone.

If you are a Mission Network alumnus, come and share your story. We will have recording equipment set up at our booth where you can share your service experience in audio form. Your story will be published on the Mission Network website so others can be inspired by your experience.

We are also hosting a silent art auction. Works of art donated by artists from across the world will be auctioned. Proceeds will support the Peace and Justice Support Network, a ministry of Mission Network that strives to keep peace and justice at the center of the church's mission in the world.

If your phone is flashing an ominous "low battery" warning, have no fear — Mission Network is ready with a phone charging station to get you plugged back in. If you want a selfie taken with you and your friends to commemorate your time in Kansas City, but just can't seem to get the angle right, stop by our selfie booth. We'll do the work for you … And we'll make sure to get your good side!

Hungry for food or conversation? Stop by after dinner, grab some fresh popcorn, and talk with Mission Network staff at the booth about service opportunities like Service Adventure, Mennonite Voluntary Service, and many more.

Don't miss our booth at convention. We hope to see you there!,-art-auction,-and-other-fun-at-MennoCon19

​Zachary Headings is a Marketing Associate for Mennonite Mission Network. 



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