Geronima Wake, member of Iglesia Evanglica Unida (United Evangelical Church), and Gretchen Kingsley of Mennonite Mission Network worship in Castelli, Argentina.
Lynda Hollinger-Janzen
Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ELKHART, Ind. (Mennonite Mission Network) Mennonite Mission Network’s fall mission resource opens a window to the fresh wind of God’s Spirit blowing through the Americas, from south to north.

Carried on the rhythms of an indigenous church service in the Argentine Chaco and the compelling melodies of the Andean foothills, Two-way Mission: North and South Americans in Conversation, presents insights into what North Americans can learn about God, the church, and mission from their southern neighbors.

The DVD describes a shift in the direction of mission over the past century, from 1917 when North American Mennonites began ministry in Argentina to present-day Argentine church planters coaching Illinois congregations.

Video footage captures vignettes and reflections from:
• A lively youth camp organized by the Bolivia Mennonite Church as an alternative to potentially destructive entertainment.
• The dynamic mission of Argentine Mennonites in Patagonia and Illinois.
• A half-century of accompaniment ministry in the Argentine Chaco, including we-were-there documentation of the first known intervention of the provincial police on behalf of indigenous people’s claims to land.

Six segments of varying length, ranging from four to 22 minutes, offer material appropriate for diverse settings. The shorter clips can be used as sermon illustrations or as "moments in mission" during worship services. The longer ones, with the accompanying study guide, can serve as springboards for continuing mission conversations in Sunday school classes and small group gatherings.

Mennonite Mission Network created this DVD as a resource for missions month in November 2008. It will also be useful as orientation for groups preparing for short-term mission assignments in Latin America. Congregations exploring the possibility of beginning a mission partnership will find the Patagonia segments to be of special interest.

Two-way Mission: North and South Americans in Conversation is free of charge, but must be ordered from Third Way Media. To order, phone: 1-800-999-3534 or e-mail

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