Melodie Davis
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ELKHART, IND. (MENNONITE MISSION NETWORK AND MENNONITE CHURCH USA)—Who are the Mennonites?—a new DVD and print brochure offering a glimpse of Mennonite/Anabaptist history, beliefs and practice—will be sent free to all Mennonite Church USA congregations in early November.

The DVD begins lightheartedly with the question of whether it is possible to distinguish who is Mennonite just by looking. It includes historical highlights; touches on some of the various Mennonite groupings; interviews Mennonite Voluntary Service workers; and speaks to beliefs about peacemaking, MDS work, and simple living as exemplified by the Doris Janzen Longacre cookbook, More with Less.

Hosted by actors Ted Swartz and Lisa White, the DVD is designed for use in Mennonite churches for visitors and baptismal classes; and at resource/information centers, colleges, retirement homes, businesses and agencies where people might want a brief introduction to Mennonite faith.  

The DVD includes a 15-minute version subtitled in English and Spanish, and 4-minute versions with narration in English or Spanish. (See for the 4-minute clip in English, or for the 4-minute Spanish version.) Congregations can also download the resource to a Facebook page or website.

The new full-color print brochure is a completely updated revision of earlier brochures describing Mennonites and is available for $0.35 each (sample copies free).

This is the first DVD about Mennonites to be produced by Third Way Media. Previous similar pieces were released on videocassette, including Many Grains in 1999 and Our Family Can Be Your Family in 1989. Various editions of print brochures have been available since the early 1980s.

The DVD was written by freelance writer Jeremy Nafziger and produced by Wayne Gehman, with Sheri Hartzler, executive producer. The DVD also includes graphics by Joel Landis and Mark Fenton. Ken Gingerich designed the packaging. Funding for production and distribution of the DVD was provided by Mennonite Church USA, Mennonite Mission Network and a grant from United Service Foundation. Staff also consulted with Mennonite Education Agency.

The print brochure was produced by Mennonite Church USA; it was written by John Yoder and June Alliman Yoder and designed by Ken Gingerich.

Extra copies of the DVD are available for $19.95 each and print brochures for $.35 each from 800-999-3534 or


 media materials help congregations interpret Mennonites for newcomers



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