​Brothers and sisters of the Mennonite churches from across the Southern Cone of South America pray together prior to sharing in communion, thanking God for all good gifts, and seeking wisdom to follow in Christ's steps. Photo by Linda Shelly.

By Linda Shelly
Wednesday, October 30, 2019

​NEWTON, Kansas (Mennonite Mission Network) - The news from Latin America these past weeks has been very difficult. Ecuador is relatively calm again as the government is in a slow process of dialogue with indigenous and other groups.


  • In Chile, protests and violent repression followed news of an increase in bus fares. Churches canceled services due to curfews.
  • After charges of fraud, Bolivia broke out in post-election violence. In Santa Cruz, public transportation stopped and the markets, schools and banks closed, while hospitals only accepted emergency cases.
  • Venezuela continues to deal with ongoing crises, including recent prolonged power outages.
  • People in other countries cry out to God as well as they experience many challenges.


In response to the turmoil, Ofelia García, a Mennonite pastor from Mexico shared this prayer:

      At this moment, Lord, we beg you, stop the hand of repression in Chile for the sake of journalists, young people, and everyone who is being violently assaulted. We pray, Lord, to bring peace. We also remember Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and other countries.

      We pray for the Christian churches and their ability to respond with justice, peace and solidarity in any of the contexts where they live.

     We put into your hands the activities of women that are carried out in different places for the proclamation of your liberating gospel.

      We do not forget to pray for the conscience and education that we must continue to strengthen for the care of our land.

      For our migrant brothers and sisters, those who wait to be received and sheltered by other countries, especially those on the U.S.-Mexico border. For those who have been returned to their countries of origin, may you provide resources and care, Lord.

      Lord, help the brothers and sisters who have a special call and work in favor of your kingdom in other countries and in their localities, for those who go to the parks, hospitals, schools, neighborhoods to proclaim the favorable time of the Lord.

     We pray for all the children of our communities in the church and in the neighborhood around us that they can joyfully receive your word, Lord.


Please join us in prayer for the people of Latin America and for the churches as they seek to be light and salt in their cities and nations.






​Linda Shelly is director for Latin America for Mennonite Mission Network. 



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