Lyn Legere in an interview.
Melodie Davis
Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Shaping Families radio program features an interview with Lyn, who survived the grim mental hospitals of the 1960s. She gives an inside look into living with a mental illness and the stigmas that surround it.  Even through a turbulent childhood, multiple suicide attempts, and drug addiction, Lyn earned her Master's degree and shares that “recovery happens.” Today she works in a recovery program in Massachusetts.
In the “My Turn” segment of the program, Sam Heatwole takes listeners to “Frog Hollow” where he reads excerpts from James G.T. Fairfield’s newest book, Frog Hollow Journal, including Jesus’ vision for a different kind of kingdom.
Shaping Families went on the air Jan. 2, 2010 and is now airing on 12 stations. It is produced by Third Way Media, for Mennonite Mission Network and the Mennonite churches. A new recipe is featured weekly at along with free podcasts of each program. program looks at mental illness recovery and rehab





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