Joey Miller was a child when his parents led a Service Adventure unit (left). Today, he is a Service Adventure participant in Johnstown, Pa. (right). [Photos provided by Brent and Roma Miller (left); Susan Nisly (right).]
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Hannah Heinzekehr
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
ELKHART, Ind. (Mennonite Mission Network) – For participants Joey Miller and Leah Rittenhouse, entering the Service Adventure program was like coming home. Both Miller and Rittenhouse had been members of a Service Adventure unit once before, as children while their parents were leaders.

Miller, a member of Walnut Hill Mennonite Church in Goshen, Ind., is currently serving as a maintenance worker at Johnstown (Pa.) Christian Schools and living in community with two other young adults and a family in downtown Johnstown. From 2008-2009, Rittenhouse,  a member of Scottdale (Pa.) Mennonite Church, worked at McKinnell House, a homeless shelter, and was a participant in the Anchorage, Alaska unit.

Both Miller and Rittenhouse were shaped by their parents’ commitment to service.

Leah Rittenhouse, then and Adventure welcomes second generation participants





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