Melodie Davis
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Shaping Families radio program will close out its first year of broadcasting with two Christmas specials—“Waiting in Faith” on the weekend of December 18 and “Celebrating Christ’s Birth” on the weekend of December 25. The two 15-minute programs will feature scripture texts for Advent and Christmas, carols from classic Mennonite Hour a cappella music, and personal Christmas stories from Shaping Families staff and speakers. Downloadable for personal meditation, family or group use, the scripture texts are read by host Burton Buller and producer Melodie Davis.

The personal Christmas stories feature memories from the program’s “My Turn” speakers Emily Ralph, Steve Carpenter, and Harvey Yoder, as well as from Shaping Families host and staff, Burton Buller, Melodie Davis and Lois Priest. These two special programs are also available on a Christmas CD available free upon request.

Shaping Families is now on 18 radio stations and airs each weekend. A blog, recipe and podcast are posted each Friday at Shaping Families is produced by Third Way Media through Mennonite Mission Network. Families- Christmas specials





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