Melodie Davis
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

“I was a danger to myself,” admits Susan Gregg Schroeder, a United Methodist associate pastor, when she first experienced depression. She kept her illness a secret from the whole congregation except for her senior pastor. But that changed.

Today, she has created a ministry serving the needs of congregations and individuals struggling with mental illness, Mental Health Ministries.

Susan and her husband, Stanley, are both guests on Shaping Families this week, telling how their relationship changed while she was a “danger to herself.” Then Stanley needed to take on a new role when she began to get better.

With May as “Mental Illness Awareness Month,” this theme continues on the 15-minute weekly radio program, with links to many congregational resources at the website, Shaping Families is a production of Third Way Media for Mennonite Mission Network. families- No longer a secret



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