The Naked Anabaptist
written by Stuart Murray Williams
Melodie Davis
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stuart Murray, one of the founders and chair of the Anabaptist Network and author of 14 books, most recently "The Naked Anabaptist: The Bare Essentials of a Radical Faith," will appear on this week’s Shaping Families radio program.

The Anabaptist Network is a loose-knit network of individuals and churches in Britain and Ireland interested in the insights of the Anabaptist tradition which was influenced by the teaching and presence of Alan and Eleanor Kreider, who were Mennonite mission workers in England for many years. Murray also works with Urban Expression, a church planting effort currently underway in several cities in Britain.

Earlier Murray appeared in the “Rediscovering Anabaptism” video in the "Cloud of Witness" video series produced by Third Way Media.

Shaping Families radio program currently airs each weekend on 15 local radio stations and is available online at  Also featured at the website is a weekly blog by host Burton Buller, a weekly recipe from Shaping Families staff and contributors, a study guide for small groups and Sunday school classes and many additional resources.  Shaping Families is produced by Third Way Media through Mennonite Mission Network.

 Murray guest on radio program



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