Chicago DOOR participants from 2015: Michael Watkins, Emma Moore, Helen Chao, Melissa Rift and Jonghan Kim.

Contributed by Door Staff
Thursday, August 30, 2018


DOOR is pleased to announce that Tanya Franklin has been hired as the DOOR national operations coordinator.  

Tanya Franklin was born and raised in New Jersey; lived in Nashville, Tennessee, for 10 years; and moved to Chicago two years ago in response to God calling her into urban ministry.  She holds a BS in ministry leadership and an MA in organizational leadership. 

Tanya is passionate about developing leaders and equipping and empowering others to discover their strengths and follow their calling. She is a natural organizer and strategic thinker, with a desire to help people achieve their goals.  Gifted with a unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking, her mission is to use her gifts, abilities, and experience to help others reach their full potential. 

Tanya has worn many hats, including executive assistant, communications coordinator, event planner, and executive director, to name a few. She has been able to use her gifts to lead community mission teams, organize community service activities, connect churches with communities in need, develop programs and curriculum, and facilitate classes and workshops. These varied positions and diverse experience have given Tanya a fluency that provides unique insight into the inner workings of organizations.

Tanya is excited to be a part of DOOR and to share her gifts to help DOOR reach its goals. She started on Monday, Aug. 27, 2018.

​Tanya Franklin, DOOR national operations coordinator





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