Ann Graham Price
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

KLAIPĖDA, Lithuania (Mennonite Mission Network) -- Summer mission teams from Lithuania Christian College (LCC) put into practice the concepts of Christian servant leadership they have been learning in the classroom. In so doing, they also develop an awareness of the need for ministry in the surrounding nations of Eastern Europe. Here, third-year student Luidmila Fedejeva lines up her team at an English camp near Vilnius, Lithuania, for outdoor games. Her team of eight students and two LCC staff members served at the camp May 17-27. A second team of 12 students and three staff members will serve at a Baptist church camp in Zhytomir, Ukraine, June 29–July 9. Team members work as counselors, teach English, prepare programs for worship services, and organize recreational activities. Since 1995, Mennonite Mission Network personnel have served with LCC in a variety of roles, ranging from teaching to administration to support services. the language of love





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