Sharing food and conversation combine in a Latin American merienda. A new Spanish podcast, Merienda Menonita, seeks to share more broadly conversations on matters of faith and life, as close friends would around a table. Photo by Jon Carlson.

Laurie Oswald Robinson
Wednesday, December 18, 2019

NEWTON, Kansas (Mennonite Mission Network)  For those who want to nibble sound bites for the soul while sipping evening tea with friends, listening to a new Spanish-language podcast, Merienda Menonita, may be the perfect match.

The new podcast, named after the Spanish term for a light dinner or tea in the evening, is being co-hosted by Peter Wigginton, a mission worker for Mennonite Mission Network in Ecuador, and Jonathan Minchala. Minchala lives in Quito, Ecuador, and is a high-school literature teacher. Evoking the tone of familiar banter with friends around the table, they will share informal conversations, stories and discussions together with different guests about living out the Christian calling in Latin America.

The co-producers will focus on how to follow Christ in everyday life, Wigginton said. "The questions we have been asking our guests are: 'What can Anabaptism bring to people's everyday lives in Latin America?' Or, 'What questions can Anabaptism answer?'

"It is great to talk to fascinating people from different backgrounds, all who are excited about following Jesus and encouraging others to do the same. We want to encourage people to listen to things they might be familiar with, or that might push them in some different directions."

Many different subjects are being explored, "but they all return to the idea that by sharing Scriptures together, we can learn together how to be Anabaptist Christians," Minchala said. "We are focused toward a Spanish-speaking audience, but we also hope it will gain attention with anyone interested in Christianity, Anabaptists, or just Latin America in general."

In Latin America, there is an immense multiplicity of cultures and ideas, and "each of them has amazing things to offer to the Anabaptist church," Wigginton said. "Likewise, the Anabaptist message has so much to offer to many parts of Latin America today."

Mennonite Mission Network and The Mennonite, Inc., are partnering together to produce Merienda Menonita. Sheldon C. Good, executive director of The Mennonite, and Dani Klotz, director of marketing and communication for Mission Network, said they are grateful for the creative passion of Minchala and Wigginton.

"I'm glad we can collaborate on a podcast that is for Spanish-speaking listeners, and that Jonathan and Peter have such a passion to explore Anabaptist expressions in a Latin American context," Klotz said.

Good shared, "I have already heard positive feedback from people who have listened to the first few episodes. It's exciting to partner with Mennonite Mission Network on this podcast as we continue to look for new, creative ways to reach more people interested in Anabaptism."

Find available episodes on the Merienda Menonita podcast page, or wherever you listen to podcasts. To receive the new episodes in your inbox every month, subscribe to the Spanish-language newsletter Meno Acontecer. Listeners are also invited to respond to the podcast by emailing questions and comments to

Podcast co-hosts Jonathan Minchala and Peter Wigginton.


​Laurie Oswald Robinson is editor for Mennonite Mission Network.



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