ça Evangélica Menonita (AEM)

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Aliança Evangélica Menonita (AEM) is an an alliance of of about 37 Portuguese-speaking churches in six regions.<p><a href="" target="_blank">AEM</a>celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2015. The alliance of churches consists of around 37 Portuguese-speaking churches with 2,800 members, and is organized into five regions, including eight states. Additional new congregations are in various stages of development. Among the distinctive gifts that AEM has identified are involvement in social projects, counseling, creation of evangelical music, and choreography.</p> <p>In 1998, AEM organized <a target="_blank">JMMI</a> for international mission work. At the Mennonite World Conference Assembly in Zimbabwe in 2003, Brazilians were among those who organized a meeting of Portuguese speakers - a first-time event. In 2009, members of the Portuguese-speaking African delegation visited Brazil after the MWC Assembly.</p> Mission workers from predecessor agencies, Commission on Overseas Mission and Mennonite Board of Missions, worked together with Brazilian German and Portuguese-speaking Mennonites in the development of AEM. The most recent workers, Betty and Otis Hochstetler, retired in Brasilia in 2005, and continue participating with AEM in many ways. Mennonite Mission Network supports the mission involvements of AEM in Brazil and internationally.</br> Visit one congregation's Facebook page: <a target="_blank"> Comunidade Menonita do Gama</a>

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