Association of Australia and New Zealand

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The AAANZ supports and resources churches, individuals and groups in Australia and New Zealand who identify with the Anabaptist tradition.The AAANZ nurtures and supports their Christian faith through teaching, training, pastoral care, mediation and counsel, and provides resources and materials relating to Anabaptists. The network develops creative strategies and accessible resources that enable Christians from many traditions to learn from and draw on the Anabaptist tradition. The AAANZ encourages the development and interaction of a network of congregations and church plants that are consciously drawing on the Anabaptist tradition. The initiative for the establishment of the Association came out of a meeting in Tasmania in May 1995 of Christians from a variety of denominational backgrounds who were influenced in by the Anabaptist tradition. To provide a means of building on the contacts established at the meeting, the Anabaptist Network of Australia and New Zealand was formed. The Anabaptist Network became the Anabaptist Association of Australia and New Zealand following its incorporation in 1998. <br>

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