, Menonitas y Hermanos en Cristo

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This association is a network of nine Spanish congregations committed to Anabaptist theology and planting new churches.The six congregations--two in Madrid, and one each in Barcelona, Burgos, Vigo and Málaga--have a total membership of around 300 members. The leaders of these Anabaptist communities are committed to a vision of planting new congregations in the next 20 years. The Association organizes regular meetings of leaders and members of the congregations and publishes El Mensajero, a monthly newsletter.Mennonite mission work began in Spain in the mid-1970s with Christian renewal groups in Burgos and a church plant in Barcelona. Mission Network personnel have related to these communities and their respective evangelistic and social ministries, and to the newly-formed fellowship in Málaga, as well as being involved in wider teaching ministries in Spanish churches and seminaries.

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