Evangélico Menonita de Teología Asunción (CEMTA)

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Centro Evangélica Mennonita de Teología Asunción (CEMTA) houses the theology and music departments of the Universidad Evangélica del Paraguay and is home to Centro de Estudios de Teología Anabautista de la Paz (CETAP).<a href="" target="_blank">CEMTA</a>'s mission is to be a study community that prepares men and women for various ministries and service in the churches and in society. This training is accomplished giving emphasis in academic and practical areas, character formation, and life in community, taking the Bible as a base and with an Anabaptist focus. Since 1994, its theology and music departments are accredited as part of the <a href="" target="_blank">Universidad Evangélica del Paraguay</a>. CEMTA serves both German- and Spanish-speaking students, with the majority now native Spanish speakers.<p></p> <p>The <a href="" target="_blank">Centro de Estudios de Teología Anabautista de la Paz</a>(CETAP) is part of CEMTA. Their mission is to help build lives and relationships through study and practical reflection on the biblical concept of peace, offering:<br> 1) Teaching on related topics,<br> 2) Congregational programs for support and training in churches,<br> 3) Support for initiatives of mediation and conflict transformation,<br> 4) Translation and publication of texts related to the Anabaptist movement, and<br> 5) Strengthening of a library equipped with materials on issues related to this reflection, creating spaces for academic research.</p> <p> The <a href="">CETAP website</a> includes materials they have published and contacts with other organizations. </p><strong>History</strong><br> Mission Network predecessor agencies collaborated in establishing a regional Mennonite seminary in Montevideo in 1956. The seminary closed in 1974, and some of the library and furnishings were moved to Asunción, Paraguay, where CEMTA opened in 1977.

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