ón Evangélica Menonita Paraguaya (CONEMPAR)

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Convención Evangélica Menonita Paraguaya (CONEMPAR) is a conference of Spanish speaking churches working together in evangelism, church planting, and leadership development.<a href="" target="_blank">CONEMPAR</a> has been operating as an independent conference since 1990. It has roots with both German churches in Paraguay and the Mission Network. Objectives listed in CONEMPAR's Manual of Faith and Procedures include: proclaim the Gospel of salvation, initiate mission work, promote fraternal relationships, spread values and principles of faith, and create entities of service and education. Some members are involved in a unique ministry of business chaplaincy.Mission Network predecessor agency Commission on Overseas Mission sent personnel to support earlier stages of church development. Currently, a Mission Network grant helps support leadership development, evangelism, youth and women's ministries, pastoral accompaniment and mentoring. CONEMPAR has also hosted young adults from the U.S. serving in their ministries.

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