ón de Iglesias Menonitas en Uruguay

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Convención de Iglesias Menonitas en Uruguay is a conference of 11 Spanish-speaking Mennonite churches in Uruguay.Spanish churches in Uruguay organized into a conference in 1972, now known as Convención de Iglesias Menonitas en Uruguay. The eleven churches in the conference now include close to 1,000 members. Pastors and spouses meet monthly for a time of prayer, sharing experiences and discerning how they can support each other.Early partnership history included the beginning of congregations and support for the formation of the conference. In response to growth in the churches and the need for more leaders, in January 2004, the Convención initiated a new program in their Centro de Estudios with support from the Mission Network, Mennonite Church Canada Witness, and the German Konferenz. Students are organized to study in the evenings in churches near their homes. Teachers travel to the different centers throughout the week.

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