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Emmanuel Hospital Association is an ecumenical medical services organization that operates hospitals and community health programs.Mennonite Mission Network partners with Emmanuel Hospital Association and directly with the (formerly) Mennonite hospitals. Champa and Sewa Bhawan both receive annual capital investment grants to help improve infrastructure. The Mission Network also facilitates short- and long-term medical personnel under EHA and provided cash contributions toward EHA's 2006 Tsunami relief operations in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.Emmanuel Hospital Association is an ecumenical, medical services organization created in 1970 to operate 13 former mission hospitals at a time when missions were being forced to leave India. Today EHA operates 20 hospitals, and 27 community health and development programs. Three former Mennonite institutions are run today by EHA. Nav Jivan Hospital, started by Mennonite Church missionaries is in Satbarwa, Jharkhand. Champa Christian Hospital is a town hospital near the General Conference Mennonite centers of Janjgir and Korba. Sewa Bhawan Hospital is a rural institution fifty miles east of Raipur, also started by the General Conference Mennonite Mission.

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