Evangélica Menonita Boliviana (IEMB)

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Iglesia Evangélica Menonita Boliviana (IEMB) is comprised of eight Bolivian congregations plus church plants in and around Santa Cruz.<p>The Iglesia Evangélica Menonita Boliviana <a href="" target="_blank">(IEMB)</a> includes seven congregations, three in the city of Santa Cruz and four in rural areas. Currently, there are also two church plants. Since 2010, a youth discipleship program, Sirviendo a Cristo (SAC, Serving Christ), has developed young leaders in the churches. Many serve first in the vacation Bible school program, and then move into broader ministries. Gifts that the church has identified are discipleship ministries, holistic evangelism, planning camps for children and youth, social work, crafts, teaching, and writing curriculum.</p> <p>In 2006, IEMB began a day care program, Guarderia Samuelito, as an outreach serving the neighborhood of the Esmirna congregation in the city of Santa Cruz. In 2010, a new building was dedicated for this ministry. In an evaluation and planning process in 2014, the IEMB identified four areas in which to work: 1) growth in numbers and quality in the churches, 2) Anabaptist Christian formation for children and youth, 3) development of leadership, and 4) structures that serve the church best.</p> <p>From the beginning, predecessor agencies - the Commission on Overseas Mission of the General Conference Mennonite Church, and Mennonite Board of Missions of the Mennonite Church - collaborated with others in the formation of the Iglesia Evangélica Menonita Boliviana. Involvement from Mennonite Mission Network today helps with leadership development, Christian education and church planting, and subsidizes retreats for children, youth and leaders.</p>

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